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Family Dispute

Divorce. Custody. Paternity. Child Support. Guardianships. Adoptions. 

Our Firm has the expertise to help you on all family law related issues. We are currently only taking non-contested matters due to Katie's busy case load.  Katie also serves as court-appointed Guardian ad Litem representing the best interests of children in Family Law matters. 

Police Cars

Speeding Tickets. DWI/DUI. Municipal Tickets. Misdemeanors. Felonies. 

Sam's depth of experience on both defense and prosecution allows him to give clients a realistic expectation of the court process and possible outcomes of their case from the start of representation.


Katie also serves as the Municipal Prosecutor for the City of Truesdale and City of Warrenton.

Image by Erik Mclean

Evictions. Unlawful Detainer. Rent and Possession. Notices. Rent Collection.

Missouri law does not allow for self-help evictions and the court process is detailed and specific. When you have a tenant issue, rely on our firm to give you guidance and instructions for navigating this area of law. 

Three Generations

Wills. Beneficiary Deeds. Powers of Attorney. Transfer/Pay on Death. HIPAA.


Missouri law has several provisions for non-probate and probate transfers of property at the time of inheritance. We can help give you the necessary knowledge and paperwork to make sure you are cared for later in life and your heirs are able to process your estate with ease. 

Image by Melinda Gimpel

Small and Large Estates. ​Determination of Heirship.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is overwhelming, even without court involvement. We can help you navigate the probate process to properly handle the estate of your lost family member. 

Signing a Contract

Quit Claim Deeds. Property Sales Contracts. Deeds of Trust.

From family property transfers to owner financed sales, we can help provide you with the necessary paperwork to handle your real estate needs. 

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LLC. Contract Drafting and Disputes. Garnishments. Name Change. 

We can help with a variety of legal needs for individuals and small businesses. Proceed with confidence that you are protecting yourself from liabilities and doing everything possible when you have been legally wronged.  


Children being taken into protective state custody can be one of the most heart wrenching situations. Juvenile law, both state custody and juvenile delinquency, is far different than any other area of law. Katie represents all parties involved in Juvenile Law: parents, children, extended family members, and foster placement. Sam and Katie can also assist clients on Juvenile delinquency cases.


Katie is a certified mediator for civil and family law issues. Mediation allows parties to complete a process that helps find solutions best for everyone involved, saving time and money.

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